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Gothenburg, Sweden, February 1, 2017: Recently SKF has ended a lawsuit against Greece in the fight against counterfeit bearing distributors. The attack occurred in 2009, when a total of 15 tons of fake SKF bearings in the Piraeus area in a warehouse was seized. But SKF has no cooperation with them over the past few years .Now the Greek court officially announced that these bearings were counterfeit products, and have to be destroyed.

A total of 17,000 pieces of rolling bearings were found in the 2009 raid, with a total value of 15 tons and a market value of more than €  1,000,000. These bearings are now destroyed at the Greek metal recycling plant by means of a waste packing press to ensure that they will no longer appear on the market.

The fake bearings of the Fischer-Ionic dealer in the Piraeus area have had a serious impact on many local shipping companies and other industrial sectors. Customers believe that the purchase of quality products, the results of the product quality and performance is simply can not guarantee.

"We are very pleased to see this case successfully closed, for SKF and our customers this result has a positive significance.We will continue to fight with fake products and importers in Greece. This is essential for us So that we can protect our customers and their business and the brand reputation of SKF, "said Rania Patsiopoulos, general manager of SKF Hellas SA.

SKF has actively supported the global law enforcement agencies to combat the sale of counterfeit SKF products. This trade is illegal and may result in high fines or imprisonment.

"Customers do not want to buy counterfeit industrial products like bearings, so the best way to combat counterfeit products is to raise customer awareness." "Customers who have no intention of buying counterfeit products have suffered economic losses and are also responsible for machine damage and expensive downtime Risk ", Tina Åström, director of the brand protection director of SKF Group.

The economic losses caused by counterfeit products are difficult to quantify. The loss of sales and the huge loss of image are extremely serious. Distributors of counterfeit products are faced with both economic losses and loss of customer trust and corporate reputation.


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