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Analysis and Solution Measures for Bearing Vibration and Noise in Autu

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                 Analysis and Solution Measures for Bearing Vibration and Noise in Autumn

Dirt, foreign objects, sand particles, etc. are immersed inside.

1. Clean the equipment in a timely manner and replace the bearing box with a new oil seal.

2. Immersion of corrosive substances such as water, acid, paint, etc. If necessary, install protective dust covers or improve oil seals.

3. The inner hole structure of the bearing box is not round or has twisted deformation, and the support surface is uneven.

4. The matched shaft diameter is small or the locking sleeve is not locked.

Adjust the bearing box support surface and adjust the gasket.

5. The working load is unbalanced, the clearance between the bearing housing holes is large, and the outer ring rotates with slipping.

6. Two or more bearings are coupled, resulting in axial straight-line and angular deviation.

Check the shaft diameter size, adjust the fitting amount appropriately, and lock the sleeve tightly.

7. Incorrect installation methods such as directly striking with a hammer.

8. Excessive clearance of bearings. Replace the aperture product that meets the design requirements.

Vibration from the device itself.

Adjust the gasket to ensure that the shaft center is coupled in a straight line.


Solution to bearing noise problem:

一、 Improper cleaning of external components of bearings

Strictly handle the cleaning of bearing seats, shafts, holes, and related accessories before cleaning; At the same time, pay attention to the absence of foreign objects in the lubricating oil; In addition, we should also clean the foreign objects on the bracket.

1. Bearing scar

This is a common problem, so when observing these similar problems, attention should be paid to the following details: avoid tilting or friction damage when installing bearings with holes; Avoid scars caused by falling during delivery during rust prevention treatment, as well as sealing and fixing of bearings; When installing bearings, please use designated installation tools to avoid the risk of violent impact.

2. Improper use of lubricating oil

Wrong use, low dosage, and aging of lubricant can affect the rotation of bearings, resulting in noise. Therefore, suitable lubricating oil should be selected and added reasonably according to regulations to solve the noise problem.

二、 Internal components

1. Noise generated between rolling elements and raceway seats

This noise has a certain periodicity, mainly caused by the impact of the rolling element on the rolling element, and caused by the waves on the surface of the rolling element. Roughness, corrosion, and foreign object infection can all cause this problem. At this point, it is important to pay attention to the cleanliness of the folding nest. To avoid similar problems, it is necessary to maintain and lubricate the roller socket.

2. Noise and Treble

Similar problems are usually caused by improper bearing selection or cage breakage; It is important to choose the appropriate bracket. Improper brackets not only cause noise problems, but also affect the service life of bearings.


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